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“Audiences know what to expect, and that is all that they are prepared to believe in.”
― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Click here to see highlights of Scene Night.

Every six or so weeks the Wednesday Scene Class culminates in a live performance to an invited guest audience, in the quaint and intimate Salvos Church in Manly. There is no better opportunity for growth as an actor than to perform in front of a live audience. It's where mistakes become happy accidents. It's where the actor brain kicks in and deals with the moment. It's where the actor realises there is nothing actual to fear. For an acting class to offer regular live performance opportunity is unique to the Sydney Actors Playhouse. These frequent showings offer the general public to enjoy frequent live up-close theatrical entertainment.



7PM & 815pm

The Salvation Army Church

59 Pittwater Road, Manly


For actors interested in participating in the Scene Class, head here

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