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"You are an amazing teacher! Your course was profound and has changed me as a human and awoken a sleeping giant that I will continue to pursue..."

Shane Arthurson


Students share their experience

“Right at a time in my life where things had become a bit too serious and I was after some colour and a chance to release my inner (hidden) creativity, I joined Mike and our Tuesday night crew for the Fundamentals of Acting and was rewarded with generosity, skill, human experience, respect, and the care of a teacher who knows how to teach! 

Mike was always prepared, never patronising, always encouraging, never wasteful of time, always constructive, and never missing an opportunity for catching a magic glimpse of something in someone. 

I think many people would join an acting class hoping to act within the first 10 minutes. I’ve reflected on Mike’s classes and realised that that would be the same as joining a surfing class and hoping to paddle out to the back of the waves within the first 10 minutes. Mike taught us the ways of the ocean, he taught us water safety. And when we got to that point of paddling out through the waves: we felt safe and ready.
Thanks so much Mike - there is wisdom in you.”

Lisa Duffy


"I absolutely loved taking The Fundamentals of Acting with Michael Booth at The Sydney Actors Playhouse.

It brought me a huge sense of fun and presence in my acting. I was excited for every single class and felt free to be myself, experiment and play. It was a joy and has inspired me to continue learning more within this technique."

Isabel Macmaster

"The last 6 weeks have been a fantastic adventure, I really had no idea what to expect but have come away with a new appreciation for the actor's craft! Thank you for creating such a safe environment for us to be ourselves, no matter what stage of the journey we were on. And to my fellow actors, thanks for the learnings, laughs and playing along - such a fine group of funstars!"

Sally Patterson

"I can only say that this course exceeded my expectations! Yes, “fun” is the operative word….As a complete novice to acting, I will forever cast a newly-acquired critical eye over my future film/theatre experiences. Being in (and true to) the moment and being reminded of the importance of listening skills are two great take away themes for me.


Thanks Mike for running such a fabulous course that created the environment for us all to prosper and feel safe in taking risks."


Greg Tanna

"I have just completed the course Fundamentals of Acting with Mike Booth. I just would like to say, that I initially joined this course just to do something different, find some friends, explore a new craft. I did find all of that, but I never expected the level of quality of the contents and method of teaching that I found.

I would like to say to all of you out there, if you are looking for an acting course, please, don't look any further. Mike is a tremendous teacher. He is clever, understanding, nonjudgmental, funny and able to create a comfortable environment for everyone. He was able to make me see the beauty of acting which I never even thought of.

I guess, it's one of those magic [things] that happens when you are lucky enough to be taught by someone who is so passionate about what they do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

Annalisa Di lorio

"Mike’s deep understanding and experience of acting is evident but more than anything is his absolute love of teaching.  Each week added another layer of theory and skill in a way that built confidence.  I aways came away feeling surprised, energised and enriched."

Georgie Pearson

"To act or not to act, that’s the question. Without giving away too much of Mike's brilliant approach to the act of acting, I will say that I have been intrigued by his simple yet provocative presentation of what that means… If you have any interest in acting; want to learn more about the skin you live in; love narrative; want to get out of your comfort zone; be more present - get amongst it. Highly recommend it!"

Myrthe Reijnders

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be part of such a lovely experience. 
This course was perfect for me. 
With Mike's easy manner, 
incredible depth of knowledge
and beaming passion for the craft, 
I felt like I was learning a lot more
than just how to act. 
Philosophy, perspective, observation
and a brand new appreciation 
of the wonder that is the human condition.
Things like...
That's like putting a hat on a hat
The thing that hinders the task 
becomes the task.
Pick up the spilt glass of water.
Don't tell me... show me.
& never work for Stanley Kubrick.
and a million more."

Greg Thorsby

"As a beginner actor, I didn’t know what to expect from an acting class. I’ve had little experience, so I wasn’t personally self-assured going into it; but from day one, I felt comfortable and confident in putting myself out there through Mikes guidance. I feel as though I have learned and progressed quickly through his teachings, which have given me an in depth understanding of what it truly means to be an actor.

Mike sees potential in all his students and is very attentive to everyone, no matter what their experience level is. I was always interested in acting, but by taking this class I have revealed to myself a love for acting that I didn’t know I had. My only regret is that class isn’t every night! Thank you so much for everything and showing me what a joy it is to act.”

Sinead Chabowski

Mike's experience, intelligence and warmth make him a natural teacher and his calm energy created an atmosphere that made everyone feel safe to explore new concepts. I wasn't sure what to expect from the class but it was everything I didn't know I was hoping for. Not only did I learn about acting as a craft, I gained insight into a completely different way of being in the world. This is just a start but I can't wait to see what's next.

Lynette Arnold

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